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Content Marketing Manager - Life Sciences and Biotech field.

Have you completed your MSc in biomedical sciences, biotechnology, or equivalent field? Are you familiar with cell culturing and live-cell imaging? Do you have an affinity for writing and want to apply this to the field of life sciences?

We are looking for a Content Marketing Manager that can help inform scientist about the latest in live-cell imaging. We believe in a different type of marketing, where we create meaningful content that will advance us and the industry. You will be responsible for writing and overseeing content creation that communicates the functions of our devices and the research that can be performed using them.

About CytoSMART

CytoSMART is an innovator in kinetic live-cell imaging. Combining compact and fast imaging hardware with powerful image analysis algorithms supported by cloud computing. Automation in time-lapse microscopy and image-based cell counting to generate high-quality and robust data.

CytoSMART Technologies was founded in 2012 by a team of engineers with great interest in the possibilities for cell culture monitoring and analysis. Our team of engineers continues to develop and optimize the image analysis and data storage capacities linked to our systems, making sure that data-sets are easily processed, stored, and kept securely in an online environment. We want to enable research that builds on large data-sets and is conveniently communicated.

Key responsibilities

  • Create written content - posters, abstracts, brochures, landing pages, resource articles - these reflect product capabilities and inform clients in the field
  • Manage freelancers for article writing - setting up assignments, discussing progress, providing feedback
  • Literature research: primary sources. Strive to understand the current state-of-the-art in research fields that could benefit from using CytoSMART products.
  • Keep building the company’s website by providing text and content for new marketing campaigns, this is something that is done as a team. You will learn as we go.
  • Help create value propositions for clients
  • Collaborate with the lead generation team to create and distribute meaningful content to help the industry
  • Continue building on the CytoSMART brand
  • SEO for our products and content - This is something that we can help you with, to learn and apply.

Profession Experience and Qualifications

  • MSc in biomedical, biotechnology or equivalent field
  • Knowledge/experience mammalian cell culture and microscopy is an advantage
  • Knowledge of SEO for website optimization is an advantage, not a requirement
  • Excellent writing/communication skills in English
  • The job requires communication with many groups both inside- and outside the company, you need to feel comfortable in reaching out to people.

Minimum requirements for application

  • CV
  • Writing us a motivation letter, why do you think you should be a good fit for CytoSMART?

What we offer

  • Competitive compensation package
  • A dynamic work environment with flexible working hours
  • Working in a highly passionate team
  • Training opportunities

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